Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fairytale Place Card Holder

The box filled with our place card holders finallyarrived this morning, (Las Vegas time). Leih took some pictures of it but I'm posting a better shot of the item so I could post it here.. I already have an idea of how we want our place cards to look like, good thing I have my friend Erra who's helping me out with some of her ideas as she is the more experienced between us especially when it comes to art. (She's a graphic artist by the way and she's helping me with my misallette cover.)

Im grateful for this God-sent angel... She is such a big help... =)

Little Princess' Gowns & Capes

Look at these gowns and capes... Aren't they cute? I chanced upon these things on the internet while browsing for fairytale themed outfits and accessories. Hindi pa kase ganon ka-set ang mind ko about my bridesmaids' and flower girls' gown designs..

Here are some of t
he pieces I saw.. interesting, right?

I just noticed, puro colors namin ito ah..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Blessing From The Pope...

February 24, 2009. This FED Ex packet came in just after I left for work. Mommy couldn't wait until later so she opened it (with my permission) Thank God! Finally!!! Our papal blessing arrived at last!!!

I felt her excitement as she read over the phone our Papal Blessing. My mom being a very devoted Catholic was so delighted to learn that we got the opportunity to avail one for our wedding, with faith that the pope's blessing she believes it would do wonders for our future life, together as husband and wife,.

I have yet to tell Leih about it.... He has been waiting for weeks now. Boy, he's gonna be happy when he hears this.... =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Inspirations...

I have always loved pink, purple and lavender. May it be a dress or a notebook, I try to always get something of that color. On our wedding, we want two-toned flowers everywhere, candles, flowers, even the mood lights. ~~~ all with a splash of purple, lavender and pink. Let me share with you some pictures that became the inspiration for our dream wedding:

the reception will have our color-motif mood lighting...

pink & lavender-colored ecuadorian roses, carnations & liliums...

two-toned paper roses and some greens......

our miniature cakes are somewhat similar to this...

and of course, it is a Happily Ever After for us...

My DIY Kissing Bells

February 15, 2009. We went to Tabora, Divisoria last Friday to purchase some kissing bells for our wedding. If not for my friend Aby Pasco (the blushing bride), I wouldn't have learned about this place. It was a little difficult to find since I haven't been to Divisoria yet, but I had fun walking the aisles of Tabora.. Ang daming mabibili grabe! Kelangan lang talaga pasensya kase ang hirap hanapin ng bells, you have to ask everyone coz they don't display them. Parang prohibited drugs yong hinahanap mo. hehehe!!

At first I was a bit skeptical on how to start designing my very bare bells... I had no idea what to do, but since I bought all the necessary things to accesorize it, I just said to myself, bahala na. I got pink and lavender feathers, a deep lavender mini rope, flowers and a glue gun.. Ito ang kinalabasan ng bells ko.. 3 down, 29 more to go. hehehe

My Valentine Bouquet

February 15, 2009. Valentines for me was an ordinary day. Just like last time, Leih and I celebrated Valentines away from each other. But as expected, he made an effort to make my day of hearts worth smiling about. We had a deal that we won't be giving any fancy gifts this Valentines as we were already starting to save up for the wedding, but he still managed to pull something off... 3 days before the 14th, I got 2 gorgeous flowercards, they're now all neatly arranged on my desk for everyone to see... I was out the whole day, scouting for some wedding accessories at the bridal fair and in Tabora, Divisoria, a day before the 14th.. We arrived home late, at around 10:30 in the evening. It was the eve of Valentines, only a few hours and the clock was turning 12. Little did I know that he asked his mom to help him get a very big bouquet of roses and two-toned pink carnations for me. His mom and uncle personally delivered it to my house at 11 in the evening, . I was at loss for words.. Fairly enough, even if it wasn't as big as last year's surprise, he still made my Valentines so special. I still couldn't help but smile when I look at my flowers... I hope next time, I get to spend it with him for good... =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

DIY-ing Our Bible

I thought of DIY-ing our bible for the ceremony but I was running out of ideas lately. I am almost finished with the kissing bells so I'm planning to work on the bible next. As much as we could, Leih and I would like to minimize the costs.. Being a w@w member helped me alot in our search for the most efficient and cost-worthy suppliers. I was eyeing on this embellished bible on the net, but I think it was way too expensive so I decided to make the bible myself. I bought some of the accessories I'll be needing for the bible. Unfortunately, I forgot the inner paper I need for the task so I might start with project late this week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Beauty Fairy.....

February 8, 2009. I finally found my HMUA! My Beauty Fairy, Ms. Princess Misa Hernandez. Together with my mom, we commuted to her place at BF Homes.

Tita Princess is such a nice lady. Armed with a certain charm & good vibes, I easily warmed up to her and was able to lay out all my ideas on how I would want to look like. The hair isn't final though, as I'm still opting for other styles but definitely, I loved the effect she did with her magic airbrush make up. She maybe just a fairy godmother in disguise after all. (LOL)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Pre-Valentine Roses

February 1, 2009. I had a wonderful Friday... Yesterday, Leih sent me 2 dozens of crimson red roses with a cute teddy bear via Island Rose... These are my first roses for 2009. The little bear was so cute, I'm including it as an accessory for my flower-girls' basket decoration. I still have to get two more teddy bears. 'Am definitely buying some tomorrow.

Fernbrook Mishap...

January 12, 2009. First day of work for this year and I had to take a half - day off.... I had to rush to Fernbrook to clarify some misunderstanding regarding the former AE who supposedly handled our account. Leih was the first one who actually settled the arrangements when he reserved Fernbrook last April. Apparently, that same AE who was appointed to us has been out of Fernbrook's management just this October and yet, they failed to notify us. Good thing I was still able to book some of the amenities she failed to put in writing. I paid the additional amenities in full, clarified some details with the VP himself, and finally, our account was transferred to our new Account Executive, Emily. Fairly enough, our "new girl" has been very accommodating and kind as to assure us of no more mishaps in the future.. She also looked way nicer than my former AE. I liked her instantly. (just being honest)

Afterwards, I went straight to Presentation of Child Jesus Parish to get the list of requirements we need to complete by July. I'm glad I've had everything sorted out. Getting blown off by some incompetent people could really be a bummer. I hope this would be the last. Today had been very stressful for me. Thank God this day's over....

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Give-Aways...

December 1, 2008. Leih's boxes arrived early this morning.. He sent a lot of gifts for Christmas including Zach's "overflowing" food treats... He gave me a new pink laptop and a designer watch for Christmas, among others... But what got me excited the most was seeing our give-aways neatly arranged underneath the clothes.. We ordered these give-aways since October from David's Bridal and Leih got to see the product himself before it was delivered to his house.

He let me choose the design for both the item and the boxes... As soon as I fixed the contents of the packages, I painstakingly assembled all our give-away boxes... I have never felt so excited as I attached the tags on each item... This would be given along with another item we have ordered... Leih was right, it felt different seeing these things... I remember him telling me how happy he felt when the package arrived. Now I know what he means.. It seems we're just a few months away... =)

The Princess' Wedding Ring

November 3, 2008. Leih finally purchased a wedding ring for me. I was so stunned when he showed me the ring on the net. I had no words left to describe the awe I felt upon seeing my wedding band, it had 17 full round cut diamonds on the center and 74 single round cut diamonds on the outside.

I didn't expect he'd give me something so precious. I've already imagined our wedding bands to be just a simple plain ring, so far from this one actually.

If I were to choose all over again, I wouldn't trade this for another... I am so inlove with my ring...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our String Quartet... Finally...

December 27, 2008. I finally sealed the deal with Maestro Johnny John Santos... We dropped by his place at Multinational Village to once and for all sign the contract that would make him our official wedding singer. Actually, we got a string quartet, with him to personally play the piano on our big day. He will also choose the singer that he thinks will best fit the songs we have on list.

I have a big faith in this man... known to many as the very sought-out musical director of Studio 23. I've seen him play at my friend, Eden Estornino's wedding once and I fell in love with their songs instantly. He has also played at numerous celebrity weddings, one of which is the Santiago-Barreto nuptials, to name one. I am just ecstatic... I'm sure I won't have any regrets booking the Maestro.... One supplier down!!!! One more to go! Weeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

The Arrhae & It's Pillow

December 28, 2008. As Mommy and I were on our way to the Movie house, we thought of dropping by the Wedding Library to check out some of the items they have on display. Little did I know that we'd be going home with some wedding accessories on hand.

We found the pillow on which to put our arrhae. It's not much, just a simple heart-shaped box with laces on it... Leih got a second pillow for the rings with a special fairytale design on the middle so this one will go well with the arrhae.. Nanay Lut had her collection of coins gold-plated for us. I was thinking of using my mom's heirloom arrhae but when I saw this set, I instantly fell in love with it... The unity candles have also been ordered. This wedding is going well as planned... Hope it continues this way til the end...

Flowergirls' Pail Baskets

November 7, 2008. I got a new D.I.Y. project for our wedding..I decided to personally make my flowergirls' baskets. I want it to have my personal touch, just making them gives me a different feeling of fulfillment. I couldn't be happier. =)

Instead of the usual woven basket or flower-balls, I opted to use tin buckets that I spray-painted with a metallic lavender color. After the paint dried off, I carefully put the embellishments that I bought at a craft store, one by one.. The pink ribbons on the handles followed next I'm even thinking of putting butterflies on the handles for a finishing touch... I hope it ends looking just the way I see it. It's going to be so cute... I love the color...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Sparkling Diamond Ring

October 16, 2008. I had a wonderful birthday... This is the first time that I got two rings as gifts...The other week, Nanay Lut gave me a gold ring with an opal birthstone.. Then today, Leih surprised me with two bday cards, a small blow-out feast and a big gallon of strawberry ice cream ~~ all delivered by (again) Nanay Lut. We had spaghetti and an array of yummy pastries from BreadTalk.

After Nanay Lut finished her plate, she handed me a cute sheer lace bag with a lavender heart box in it.. I knew it! Leih's gift was a ring!!! We've been playing guess for the longest time and he gave clues such as "small," "colo
rful" and "hard"... He would deny it whenever I'd say ring.. Then it turned out to be one in the end. He gave me a glistening 1.5 carat princess cut diamond ring. It had 5 diamonds and the biggest rock was at the middle... Leih carefully planned this surprise for five months. He probably saved what he could to give me such a wonderful gift.. I am so touched... He did not give me flowers today, which is a first... But should I complain with a ring? I mean, who would, right? I don't think there's anything else I would have wanted... I loved it.

My Opal Birthstone Ring

October 7, 2008. Today is Amaya's town fiesta. I was still at the gym trying to break a sweat when Nanay Lut (Leih's mom) dropped by our place to give us some food from the fiesta. She also handed to my mom a small silver box with a tag "A Gift For You"...

It was her early birthday gift to me..
I was so touched by her gesture. She really remembered my birthday and went out of her way to purchase this beautiful ring with my birthstone on it. She says it's for good luck. I am so lucky for having Nanay Lut as my future mother-in-law. I can feel that she loves me already. Words are not enough to express how grateful and happy I am. My birthday hasn't arrived yet, but I think I'm gonna have a lot more to look forward to...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saying Yes To My Future

September 11, 2008. A while ago, I was chatting with my office-mates as we waited for 5 pm. The topic drifted until we touched the issue of marriage ~ about the joys and hardships of getting into one and how much it takes to make one marriage work. Little did they know that I was in the middle of planning my own... It kept me thinking on my way home... Somehow, I felt a bit of pride and relief. It sank on to me. If not for destiny, I probably would have ended up with someone who would cheat and neglect me. Having gone through a failed relationship made me realize, I would have been very miserable now if things didn't end up the way it did. Looking back, I have nothing but gratitude for destiny on doing its part. Destiny surely saved me from a lot of pain and frustration.. When Leih came to my life, a lot of things started to change for the better... . I didn't imagine that someone could love me the way he does.. Leihson loves me so much. He literally does everything imaginable to make me happy... Despite the distance, I have always been his priority.. Never nya ako pinabayaan.. And I couldn't feel happier just knowing that he builds his dreams with me in it...

I used to feel hesitant about settling down. Knowing that once a woman gets married, she would have to leave her family to start a new one. But being an only child, I couldn't bear the idea of being separated from my parents... They are my life and leaving them would leave a deep hollow in me..

I am so happy to have someone like Leih understanding everything about me. He would tell me not to worry about a thing. Leih promised me that I wouldn't anymore be alone with my responsibilities as a daughter.. He often tells me, he will love everyone I love... That is why I feel so blessed with someone so kind and loving, parang ang hirap paniwalaan na meron pa palang ganitong lalake ngayon. And God sent me one....
Just as I'm writing this, I'm turning teary- eyed. I guess all my sacrifices in the past paid off... It's true after all, that what you did in the past will come back to you in two-fold... kase dumating na yong sa akin.. I'm glad I waited. I'm glad I took my time, 'coz everything turned out worth it in the end. Marami nang blessings na ibinigay ang Dyos sa akin na hindi ko na mabilang.. He's been so kind to me... Marrying Leih is probably one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my life. but I'm happy and sure that I'm making the right one. It doesn't matter how simple the wedding will be, just as long as I'm marrying the right man. So I guess, it's a big bonus for me that he's giving me a dream fairytale wedding. I only have praises for Leih as he proved to me how responsible he is even with the preparations.. He is just as hands-on as I am.. I'm glad he's in my life now. I've never been so sure in my life.. my future just got better.... a way lot better...

My Heart Shaped Balloons...

August 4, 2008. Nagulat ako kaninang umaga, me mamang dumating sa office with a big rectangular box. It says "from Leih".... I thought they were the usual flowers he used to send every month... When I opened it, there were six red heart-shaped balloons and an air pump to go with it. My officemates all had their share in pumping the balloons... they looked very pretty.... ang hirap lang nga iuwi.. feeling ko tuloy birthday ko. hehehe.. It was really very sweet... Thanks Mahal....

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Anxious Bride

June 4, 2008. There are times that I feel anxious about how this wedding is going to take place... It's a whirlpool of emotions... We still haven't decided on our photographers, we haven't chosen our wedding rings yet nor our wedding favors... Sabagay, it's too early to freak out. hahhaha.. But I'm really enjoying this ~~ personally handling all the details of our wedding.. I just realized, OC pala ko. I think after this, I'm going to pursue my short-lived work as a "wedding coordinator".... I once became a wedding coordinator for a good friend of mine, Ally, when she got hitched last 2004. It was a lovely wedding though a simple one kaya di gaano kakapressure.. I must admit, I worked non-stop for that event, but the hardwork was definitely worth it... I can't believe it, now I'm the bride-to-be... Ilang months na lang and magiging wife na ko... whew... I wonder what's going to change... sheeesh.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Sisterhood Award

Thanks to sis Carla for this award.

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I'm passing this to my sisters, Cielo, Abby, Janice, Suyen, & Mae... Our W@W sisterhood has truly been very rewarding...

My First Ever Bridal Fair at SMX

May 17, 2008. I feel so exhausted... My mom and I just came from the SMX Bridal Fair. It was a carnival of wedding suppliers, literally!!!! It's a good thing pala na merong mga bridal fairs kase malaking tulong talaga, especially when you want to get good discounts on things and services, they could go up to 40%. I managed to choose some suppliers from today's fair. I thought magugulat sila once they realize na Dec. 2009 pa ang wedding, pero meron pa palang mas matagal sa date namin.. Three of the brides I came across with are scheduled on 2010. Believe it or not! (LOL)

My Peach-Orange Roses

I got three dozens of deep orange American roses today from Leih. Just this week, I was thinking, ano kayang magbabago after we got engaged? Normally kase, once a guy gets the girl to say yes, some things start to change. The courtship tends to shift slightly to almost non-existent and you start to put your attention on other things like the wedding preparations that make you forget the "small things".....

Thankfully it looks like Leih won't change after all. He's still the thoughtful and sweet guy I know... I hope he stays this way... forever...

The Royal Proposal...

April 20, 2008. It took me quite a while before everything sank on to me. I just got engaged! I'm still awed by how it quickly happened. It was almost 10 in the evening and I was on YM chatting with Leih when out of nowhere, he decided to forward an email from a certain Ms. Alvarez. I was clueless on what it was about but as I opened it, I couldn't believe my eyes... It was a confirmation of a wedding reservation for December 5, 2009 at Fernbrook Gardens. I was literally speechless. Here is the detailed conversation that night:

Leih: "Mahal, that is the surprise I've b
een wanting to give you. Hindi ko alam anong sasabihin mo pag nakita mo. We've always talked about how we both dream of a December wedding, and knowing you, mahilig ka sa Disney e, kaya gusto ko, mabigay sayo yong dream fairy tale wedding na gusto mo..."
Leih: buzz... buzz... mahal??? are you still there?

Ayha: "Totoo ba to? Talagang nagpareserve ka na? Agad?? As in? bago ka nagpropose??"

Leih: "Mahal, nagbayad na ko ng half. Kase kelangan mablock ko yong date e. Weekend ang kinuha ko. Pati yong church and yong horse-drawn carriage. Hindi mo ba gusto ang date? Alin ang hindi mo gusto? ayaw mo pa ba? haaaay...

Ayha: "Nyek.. As in half?? whoah... teka lang teka lang... uhm...
Ayha: Asan ring ko? hihihi."

Leih: "Mahal, are you
saying yes???" (smiley)
Ayha: "Grrrr... me choice pa ba ako? hihihi.. nagbayad ka na e.. hmp."
Leih: "Hindi nga? kase if di mo pa gusto, ipapalagay ko na lang na natalo ako sa poker.. huhuhu"

Ayha: "Oo nga... Payag na nga... Ang hina mo naman. hihihi. Mahal, kala ko me ring pag nagpopropose? " Leih: "Mahal, susunod na ang ring ko for you...Ihahanap pa kita ng magandang magandang ring.
Yeheeey!!!! official na to ha? I love you love you love you love you!! Mahal na mahal kita!

Ayha: "I love you too mahal... Grabe, we're getting married next year!! Can't believe this..."
Leih: " Believe it mahal... You have to see the place for yourself. Pasama ka ke Bugs okay? Text ko sya."

That night, I slept with alot of things in mind. Di ko alam pano ko sasabihin sa Mommy at Daddy ko. I also had to go to Fernbrook to actually see the place and sign some papers that would make our reservation complete. Ito na ang start ng long preps... kakaexcite..