Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our Prenup with "Marco Malaca"... =)

Our supposed Tagaytay Prenup is no more..... or should I say, an idea left to be just thought of as something beautiful, had it not been canceled for good. I decided to forego the prenup after getting all fed up with the arrangements and the lousy schedules which were never really met.

But enough with that bad experience, our prenup with Marco Malaca still pushed through despite the Tagaytay cancellation...
We opted to do our pictorials at Fernbrook Gardens, though we've done a few prenups there before (courtesy of W@W), Marco and his team were able to take gorgeous shots of us ~ different from our previous pictures...

We've also had a few shots at the SkyLounge which, I may say, had a spectacular vie
w from above... It was amazing... Funny coz I never got to finish the Cosmopolitan I ordered. Afterwards, Leih and me together with Marco, Jho and Gerard had dinner at a Japanese Resto (forgot the name) in Alabang. I even got to chat with the only girl in the team (Jho).. It was fun. Leih and I had a great time with these guys, it was kinda humid but we felt comfortable as if we were just playing.

BTW, here are some of the unedited shots that Marco sent us via courier. =)\

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Save-The-Date & Name Cards... CHECK!!

From the start, I've already resolved the idea that we won't probably be having a "Save-the-Date Card," since I have no idea how to make one in Photoshop. But thanks to W@W and my god-sent w@wie sister Mela, (Carmela Harder), we are finally printing our very own tomorrow!!!

Yes! I am proud to present Mela's very own design of our "Save-The-Date Card"... Just like our table numbers and name cards which she also designed herself, all three were inspired by our fairytale theme and color.
The table numbers and name cards have already been printed two days ago. We'll be printing our "Save-The-Date Cards" next. =)

Again, thanks so much to you sis Mela for helping me out on these... I wouldn't have such beautiful cards if not for you... You are an angel...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Wedding Invitations..

Our invitations are finally here!!!!!!!! Leih and I went to Recto to fetch our 150 pieces of "invites" from Printlane. After only a week and a half, they finished our invites as scheduled. Our design was a simple and formal one - no flowers and other drawings. We kept it low-profile yet elegant to the eyes. The fonts were dry embossed in lavender shade. The paper for the invite and the envelope was colored off-white and had a metallic effect on it. It had a purple insert as well.

Leih was just as pleased. Since he was heading to work, he wanted to put the invites inside the car up until he gets home, but because I was so excited to show it to Mommy, I had him drop me off at MOA and brought the invites myself. I commuted with a big heavy plastic bag filled with two bags of invites (talk about OC) No complaint here whatsoever. I"m just ecstatic. Now that we have the invites, it's time for us to start on the wax seals. More DIY tasks ahead!! I love it! =)

Our Give-Away Wines

don't be deceived, that bag is of deep purple

Our wines arrived this afternoon just before Leih and I headed to Manila to fetch our invitations. It was a box filled with 14 bottles and 14 deep purple sinamay bags. I was hoping it would be of lavender color but then, purple goes just as fine. I need to put some additional embellishments to beautify the give-away. Just don't know what to do yet... =) Looks like another DIY project ahead.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Little Girls Get Ther Turn

At 10:00 o'clock this morning, my little girls and I met up at Sherwin Sosa's shop to have their measurements taken. Of course, the proud parents were present while their little girls had their turn.

First in line was my bestfriend Jerrielyn's beautiful daughter, Issy.... I can't help but smile just looking at how these love-struck couple (Joel & Jeh) stared at Issy while Sherwin worked on the little girl. She was so angelic... I swear...

our angelic little Issy...

that's her hot momma at the back.. di lang kita..

Second was my inaanak Shaniah whom I personally fetched from their place. Everyone in the house was so excited for her. Though she had an "early morning tantrum," I was able to put her in a light mood after she learned she was getting a princess dress. Leih and I treated her to ice cr
eam afterwards.

Shania and me on our way to Jollibee..

My third flower girl who last came in was Gab. She together with my cousin Beegel and Ichie came to the shop. It was even funny coz Gab wasn't in the mood yet probably because she had an interrupted nap but with Beegel's help, we were able to get her measurements right.

My only junior bridesmaid, Min-Min, was in Bulacan so I had my cousin take her measurements himself and just called in to give us the numbers. After the short meet-up, Leih and I felt relieved as we are down with another major task... The gowns will be finished on the second week of November... just in time.. =)

Our DIY-Candle Holders

For days I've exhausted myself on how to improve the ambiance of our reception within a budget we can afford. So I thought of incorporating tea light candles everywhere. After purchasing the candles, I decided to improvise on the candle holders since those we saw at the mall were quite expensive. Off I went to this small craft store near the church and carefully chose the materials I could make use of. The store is literally filled with crafting tools and handwoven materials, all sorts of ribbons, flowerettes, little figurines and a lot more, first time I came in here, I thought it was heaven.. There was too much ideas flooding my head... After getting what I need, I started experimenting on my materials, mainly: a white handcrafted saucer, purple holed- foils for the cover, lilac and lavender tea light candles, lavender feathers, pink flowers and a glue gun.

getting started with my project

After two days of DIY-ing and two burnt fingers, I've completed an estimated one-fourth of the whole project. I'm proud to say that this DIY idea is all mine. =) Since we are following a certain colored theme, I decided to incorporate our color in all my DIY's.

Leih busy cutting the pink flowers.

Leih dropped by the house before heading home. After a short dinner, he offered to help me with our DIY project by cutting the flowers and gluing the holders. Again, he was with me, helping me with our DIY project. Good thing he liked what I did... It was awesome just staring at the final outcome, literally the fruits of my labor....

halfway done...

I'm planning to put these on our tables to provide more dramatic touch to the area. I so love the result...

50 more pieces to go!!! wait till you light them up!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Candles & the Tiaras...

I've already envisioned how my little girls would look like once they strut down the aisle. They'd be donning lavender chiffon ball gowns and a flower halo on the head. But after spotting these cute and gorgeous princess-fairy tiaras, that idea disappeared like a bubble.

I bought 3 similar Princess-Fairy tiaras with deep lavender feathers and fake diamond-like stones around it, for my three cute flowergirls, and a deep purple/plum stoned tiara for my junior bridesmaid.

We also purchased 72 pieces of scented tealight candles colored lavender and a darker shade of lilac. The all smelled divine, all that's missing are the candle holders. I already have an idea of how to make my DIY candle holders.

It feels so great just arranging them on the bed for some creative shots. =)

Half-Way Done With The Church Requirements!

"September 9, 2009. Our first time to visit Holy Family Parish in BF Homes, Almanza... The church was quite spacious and well-maintained, Leih and I offered a simple prayer and made a wish before we headed home.

We submitted our documents for the wedding and we were told that the secretary herself will take responsibility in advising us most probably on the first week of October, regarding the scheduled canonical interview and the marriage banns which will be announced in our own parishes for three consecutive weeks. After accomplishing those, we are good to go. =)

It feels great knowing we've done a lot so far. These early preparations calm our nerves, makes us feel we're on top of things.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Marriage License

We finally got our marriage license today!!! Yey!!!! After 11 days, our wait is now over... =)
We'll be bringing this tomorrow at the Holy Family Parish in BF Homes along with the other documents we need to get the process started.

It's really getting nearer and nearer each day! Sooo exciting!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Matron of Honor's Final Fitting....

Finally, we're done with the gown fittings!!!!! The last girl on my ento- list which happens to be my pretty cousin Beegel, had her gown fitted this morning. It looked perfect on her and her fair skin tone which I may comment on, seemed to radiate even more since lavender and purple gave off a wonderful contrast. In fairness, Beegel has maintained her figure even after having Gab. Too much for a blessing I may say, but these two cousins of mine (Bibsy & Beegel) were both gifted with bodies that detest fat. (wishing I shared the same DNA) LOL.

Beegel being assisted in her gown.

Beegel's gorgeous silhouette..

the term GORGEOUS applies to my family...

and Bibsy here just had a baby, can u believe that?... so unfair.. huhuhu

My cousin Bibsy who also happens to be a very in-demand designer herself, helped us at the fitting. She was in fact my first choice then, but unfortunately for me, she got a job abroad and only returned home for a short vacation. It was a fun-filled Monday for us three who kept ourselves busy taking pictu
res even inside the car. We even dropped by MOA on our way home to run some errands. THe hours I spent with these two gals was truly a reliever...

me and my pretty Matron of Honor, Beegel...

having fun while on our way home...

we even missed a turn just to have this pic. hahaha.

Got me thinking, we should do this more often. I suddenly missed these two misses.. =)