Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cake & Wine Cards....

Super thanks to my good friend Erra Sanjorjo - Gomez for these gorgeous fairytale cake & wine cards... It perfectly fits our theme, the color is just lovely & the design, simply elegant... Now, we can have this printed out and sent to our cake maker. =) It really pays off to have super talented girls for friends.. hihihi... Thanks again Girl....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Little Girls' Gowns...

We finally got our flower girls' gowns today. Another task done for us both.

I love how simple and cute the gowns look. I'm sure it'll go well with the tiara and the lavender tin buckets that I personally prepared for the girls...

Our girls will all surely look cute on these.... I can just imagine...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vienna Cakes: Check!!

Today, we settled the remaining balance with our cake-maker, Vienna Cakes. We went to their bakeshop in Sampaloc, Manila and met our A.E Gemma. She was very nice to us, so accomodating even.. She knew every detail of what we've decided early on at the Bridal Fair last year when we booked them. Leih and I chose additional new designs for our mini cakes and we even got to taste a sample of their very moist cakes, we got two flavors ~ chocolate & banana. They were soooo delicious, I was so happy to bring home a few samples. =)

one of their cakes, ready for delivery... sarap ano?

another elegant creation.. totoong chocolate cake yan sa loob, from top to bottom

It was a very good choice booking Vienna Cakes. I took some pictures of the real cakes they have on display. They were all gorgeous... =) yummy pa!!

Wedding Ice Breaker: A Birthday Blowout!

I had a wonderful birthday. Aside from the greetings I received from family and friends, Leih surprised me with my favorite Strawberry Cheesecake, two-toned purple paper roses, a beautiful flower-card, and 3 cute balloons ~ colored pink and lavender...

the birthday surprise of my one and only..

my special Strawberry Cheesecake from Contis

my two-toned purple paper roses

my lovely balloons... I love it...

With all the expenses from our wedding preparations, I wasn't expecting he'd still get me anything. He also treated me to a wonderful lunch the next day. We had a big serving of sweet & spicy crabs, baked scallops and Sinigang sa Miso... We were so full talaga.. After lunch, he took me to the Spa for a relaxing swedish massage... And of course, he got me a New MANGO shirt. =) Too bad there were so few to choose from so he promised to treat me to a small shopping spree when we drop by ATC next time. Am sooo excited.. =)the wonderful man behind the fabulous surprises..

What more can a birthday girl ask for, right? Thanks baby...

Friday, October 16, 2009

DIY-ing the Wine Bags...

I'm glad we've finally finished DIY-ing the wine bags for our principal sponsors. At first, I didn't know what to do with the bags, so I bought a few craft-items like ribbons, a few flowers of different colors, and some beads. But since I couldn't figure out how to make pretty bows, I gave up on the idea and thought of some other way I could utilize the ribbons.

This is how everything turned out afterwards. =)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finishing Up The Invites

It was a busy Sunday for me and Leih. I feel so touched by Leih's effort in helping me out with some of our wedding preps. Upon arriving home at 9 in the morning, he managed to drop by the house and offer to help out straighten our invitation list, notwithstanding the lack of sleep from his evening schedule.

the misalettes & the kissing note cards...

We were able to finish the misalettes and the sealing of the invitations. We took turns holding & sealing the burning candle wax on the envelopes. We actually enjoyed it especially when we'd get perfect round seals. I agree, this is one activity couples could share in and have a kick doing together..

Leih busy sealing the envelopes..

the finished set of sealed invitations...

"Taraaan!!!! the rose seal up close..."

Looks so nice and elegant. It was a good thing we thought of it. =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wedding Ice Breaker: Chinese Items On Sale? Yeah Right...

I went to the mall to run some errands and grab a few things for our DIY task. I bought a few colored papers and got a "New Moon" book for myself, a couple of canned dog food for Zach, and a few groceries. It had been quite a while since I last went to SM Bacoor and I felt giddy just walking around, window shopping..

As I was about to go home, this certain Chinese "garage sale shop" caught my eye, and so I went in to check out a few of their items... And man was I blown away with the dining set I saw... It was made of a special "stone" (can't remember which one), it was sooooo gorgeous, I was practically drooling... Only, when I checked the price, I almost fainted. But then again, with how the dining table looked, it seems like a fair price I guess.

the dining table made of special stone

this is what it's made of..

I had fun looking around the things they had on "sale" though I don't think the prices are of "sale-range".... Just look at this lucky gold-plated lighted ball and the lovely sidetable lamp. I would love to get one someday.

this ain't half of how lovely it really looked like

the golden ball on a boat thing... It was sparkling perfect...

Good thing I was able to go out and get some fresh air... I went home feeling rejuvinated and happy. Malls just never fail to make me smile.. =)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Kissing Note

We're pretty much ready with some of the details for our wedding, the personalized table napkins, the candle holders, the place card holders and even the kissing bells which we painstakingly did one by one. Since not everyone's aware of what a kissing bell is, we decided to put small cards with this note on it. Again, super thanks to my w@w sister Carmela Harder who designed our Kissing Cards & our name and number cards...she "again" extended help to us and made our bonggacious kissing cards...

censored?? nah....

Now, let's hope nobo
dy clinks on their forks against the wine glasses.. Let's see how effective these cards will be..

The Misalette....

It's almost midnight when I finished printing a total of 11 Tagalog misalettes, 31 pages all in all plus a personalized cover specially designed by my good friend Erra Sanjorjo-Gomez who also happens to be a fgraphic artist and a former w@wie herself.

I had no idea how to print out the invites until Dra. Wilsie (my w@w sis who also shares the same wedding date) sent me this article on how to make bookfold documents. It was such a big help...'

Anyhow, here's the sample covers of my misalette. I chose & printed two designs as I can't decide which of the two is better. =) A HUGE thanks from us to Erra for these beautiful fairytale designed misal covers...

Aren't they gorgeous or what?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Fairy Dog As A Guest..

Fact: Nope. Missy isn't included in our entourage list, nor will she be a cute ring-dog bearer... (though she's really cute..) But she is invited, and since she has been well-trained, it's enough to convince us that she won't be any trouble if she comes along.

Missy with wings..

So last Monday, we looked for a costume that she may use if she "decides" to come by on our wedding day. Since she already has a cute tiara, we got her some lovely fairy wings fit just for small breeds like her. Too sad, we can't bring Zach along as I'm worried he might chew on my gown or something. Que horror...

Missy wearing the contraption on her back..

I love how the wings fit her... She is just so cute... A lovely fairy dog indeed....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Center-Table Mock Up Meeting...

'Twas a very busy day for me and Leih... Despite having only 3 hours of sleep, Leih drove us off to Merville, Paranaque, to meet our Account Executive Jenny for our mock-up schedule. We arrived just in time (thank God) after getting caught up in heavy traffic at Bacoor, Cavite.

Fairly enough, our sacrifice was worth I must say. We were so satisfied with the table arrangement. I instantly loved the purple see-thru ribbons tied on each tiffany chair... and the design we wanted was met, complete with the votive candles and candelabras. We had to bring our own candle holders and place cards to see h
ow well it would blend in with the rest of the design. My heart welled up with pride as Jenny complemented on how cute our DIY candle holders were.

there goes my DIY lavender candle holders.. & our name card by Mela Harder..

the gorgeous flowers.. see the lavender/purple detail?

our Principal Sponsors' table..

the purple-colored ribbons on our tiffany chairs

So far, we've seen two of the three designs we've chosen for ou
r tables. I've posted a few pictures of the mock up... not as beautiful as how it looked like up close, (gotta bring a better cam next time)but I am all smiles for Center Table's work... Certainly a job well-done... =)

Next stop, off we go to fetch our entourage's gowns at Sta. Mesa... One task done!! Yay!!