Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ten Facts About Me.

Each blogger must post these rules.
Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves.
You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
Oh well.... Here goes the ten facts about me...

1. People call me Ayha & Cheska pero real name ko is Rhea Frances. My grandmother, "Mama" gave me that nickname. I've been called Honey & Bie by my two past bf's. Ang tawag ngayon sa kin ni Leih is "Mahal", or minsan, "Tabaching".... =)

2. I have had two boyfriends in the past, but it never got to a physical level whatsoever (if you know what I mean). Some people wonder how my relationships lasted for years without "it". This explains why I'm kinda uneasy when the topic "wedding night" comes in. whew. =)

3. Eating is not my hobby, rather it is my passion. (hihihihi)I love to eat anything that fancies my palate. Pero pinakapaborito ko "sweet & spicy crab".... haaaaaaaaay..

4. I have practically embedded in my brain the best spots in the malls. Though I'm a wise spender and I always try to be, I think I occassionally cross over to the "dark side" when I run into bags and shoes and clothes.. (arrrggghhh) who doesn't?

5. I am so inlove with weddings... Everything that involves it excites me, pati pre at post events, pati na yong mga DIY projects.. I never get tired of going to bridal fairs... I never get bored with watching bridal shows and programs.. I even used to watch the defunct "THE NEWLY WEDS" and "I PROPOSE". I'm simply addicted to weddings...

6. I love flowers, balloons, teddy bears, chocolates and surprises.. I'm so into letters, cards and cheesy lines. I still believe in the customary Filipino courtship.. It probably ranks me as a traditional pinay romantic. =)

7. I have more than 5 bestfriends,of which majority are already living abroad. This makes me a little sad that those closest to my heart are now miles away from me and probably won't be able to make it on my wedding day.. Thanks to my w@w sisters, I found new friends....

8. The thought of dying and losing my family scares me most, to the core. I have no idea how to take things if that happens...

9. I love my doggie "Zach" a.k.a. "Abebe", a.k.a. "Potato," a.k.a. "Abolotbot" soooooo much... He is a shih-tzu, anak sya ng dog na gift sa akin ni Leih. I delivered this pup with my bare hands kaya simula pa nang lumaki sya, naalagaan ko na sya. Daming pangalan si Zach but what's weird is, he responds to whatever name you call him. Mahal na mahal ko ang baby ko na to.. SOBRA....

10. I love kids but I'm terrified with the idea of giving birth.

There you go.. Now I want to tag all of my w@w sisters here... =) cheers to us all!!!!