Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet My New Shoes....

We were about to go home when we walked past VNC and this "instinctive" urge convinced us to get inside the store and just ogle at the shoes... After all, what's so bad about ogling, right?

But then this pair of sandals caught my attention as I practically heard them screaming, "Ayha!!! I'm your destiny!!! Buy me, buy me, buy meeeee!!!"..... I said to myself, "Okay, okay, sheeesh, no need to shout! I can hear you loud and clear, you know?"

my VNC sandals...

After all, who am I to resist this desperate plea from a pair of footwear??? I'm just human... More so, I'm just a woman... (not so long after, went home with a paper bag in her hand and a big big smile)

Need to say more??? (^_^)

My Cord Sponsor's First Fitting...

Since my cousin Joan was busy at work on our first scheduled fitting, we finally got to squeeze in a little time for her today, thank goodness it's her day-off... Leih was at work so he wasn't able to drive us to Sta. Mesa. Joan and I took a cab on our way there. Though it was difficult commuting because of the heat, the sacrifice was well worth it...

Joan having her adjustments done by the staff

her 24-inch waistline... kainggit kaya!!

just look at her silhouette... that's what I call sexy..

I was so fascinated as I watched my beautiful cousin fit her gown for the first time... She looked fantabulous. Since Joan is 5'7 and has a very long slim silhouette like that of a model's, with slender flawless arms and a lovely face, her gown looked just perfect on her, given that she was only in a casual mode and her hair wasn't even dressed yet for the part. Edward Teng even noticed how good she looked as he passed by when her gown was being adjusted by the staff. I only have praises for Edward Teng and his staff for this wonderful job.

Now, I have only one more girl to go (our Matron of Honor) and we're done with the fitting... Thank God for this wonderful day. =)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marriage License Kwento

It was a breeze applying for a marriage license. We've started with the required documents as early as I can remember. Being a government employee myself, I knew a few people at the Local Civil Registrar in our place and they were the ones who attended to us when we applied. Ate Shirley didn't even let us pay the fee anymore, (an early wedding gift). They were kinda teasing us the whole time. It was a happy day for Leih and I. I've been through this process a couple of times with a few brides I've helped coordinate in the past, but it never fails to put a smile on my face. Makes us feel we're on top of things. Every detail is being prepared in advance.

some of the documents we submitted

The license is due on September 6, next Monday... After that, off we go to Holy Parish for our church requirements... We want to settle the banns as early as we can so we won't be pressured come November. =)

Gosh, the "BER" months are coming in a few days!!! December is fast approaching!!!! Weeeeee!!!!

Meeting the Barong Maker...

My male entou had their fitting today with Mang Rey Casedo at our office. It was a lazy rainy Sunday but everyone was present. Leih's father was there, his uncle, cousin and even his sister's family. They all took turns in getting their measurements taken and had their pick of what design they preferred. I chose my dad's barong design and I'm so excited...

Mang Rey and his companion were sooo nice to us. We're very at ease with him. He brought with him more than 20 designs of barongs and it was difficult to discern which one is better. Lahat in
tricately designed... =)

We'll be getting the barongs on the first week of October!!! I'm soooo looking forward to it.. =)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wedding Ice Breaker: Prepping Up My Kitchen..

The past three weeks have been so busy for us at home especially for mommy. Plates and pans were everywhere as we had our kitchen totally renovated. Leih and I chose the granite tiles ourselves up to the sink, the faucet and the stainless steel dividers for the cabinets. And after a few weeks of waiting, I was finally able to use the kitchen for the first time. Me being kinda OC., I excitedly started arranging all our groceries, dinnerwares and kitchen utensils and made sure everything was spic and span from the time I finished cleaning...

so excited to arrange the groceries.....

It took me more than an hour to have it done but it was worth it... I love the new look of our kitchen.. I myself love to cook, so having an efficient kitchen gives me and Leih an advantage, ~ Leih being a baker himself. ( He loves to bake all kinds of breads and pastries...)

half side of our kitchen

I'm sure we'll both have good times in the kitchen. I just love how clean and organized our new kitchen looks like now... Makes me want to cook the whole day... =)

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Draft of Our Invite

At last, we've submitted our first lay-out design for our invites at Print Lane.. We chose a very simple design with dry - embossed letters, no drawings whatsoever.
Early this morning, I got an email from Ms. Au regarding our first draft. The letters will be in lavender... no fancy designs whatsoever, it will be as simple as it can be... Here's a preview of the format.. =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The La Luz Beach Pictorial

After only three days, Mr. Eros Astillero sent the raw pics in a cd!! Gosh, the pictures were soooo amazing.. Leih and I are just so happy with how the results came out.. They were oh so perfect, very much what we wanted to look like... Here is a preview of the shoot at La Luz Resort, Batangas.... I can't seem to get enough of the pictures.. We have over a hundred to choose from!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Preparing For Our "Beachy Shoot"....

Leih and I went to Landmark to find myself a good pair of slippers but ended up buying white sandals instead, while he got a long sleeved polo shirt. I also bought Eric Santos' new Songbook by Jim Brickman album and played it nonstop in the car. Leih held his patience as I put the volume on a 9. It was funny seeing this "rakista" making "tiis" as I turned cuckoo with his radio.

Now, my outfit's complete. I just hope I don't look stupid tomorrow. Later I'll be printing out the directions for Leih and will be browsing on other beach pictorials to get a few ideas on what to do at the shoot.

I just wish it doesn't rain tomorrow. La Luz, here we come... =)

My Girls' First Fitting....

Three of my girls finally had their first fitting this afternoon. It was an overwhelming sight for me, seeing all of the gowns after a few months of anticipation. Two of my entourage weren't able to make it because of work but are scheduled to have their turns in the next two weeks.

aren't they just beautiful or what???

my flawless bridesmaid Arni in her sexy V-neck evening gown

two of my girls in their evening gowns..

The colors were just perfect... I noticed how intricately they designed the beadworks and the floral adornments. Every gown had its own unique personality. I had no favorite as I loved them all.

my matron of honor's evening gown

I also took a peek at my bridal gown. It was already inside a big box ~ ready for dry cleaning... It was so lovely, just the way I envisioned it would be ~ a simple Victorian-inspired ball gown that any dreamy princess would want to wear.. I was so ecstatic.

Leih and I went home very gratified. Every cent we spent was worth it. Edward Teng is so good... I wouldn't trade this designer for anybody else.. We definitely made the right decision...

A Romantic Pictorial at La Luz

We're all set on Monday for our prenup pictorial with Eros Astillero's team at La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan Batangas. After the tiring search for "the place," I stumbled upon this resort's website and completely got blown away with the beauty it promises. So I called their office early in the morning and booked 4 heads for a prenup shoot. I'm full of hope that we will have clear skies on Monday... Everything's been settled and paid for. We've requested for Jernin and Alliz Astillero, sons of Eros, to be our photographers for that day.

Upon seeing my good friend Marion's prenup pictures at Punta Fuego, I instantly fell in love with the beach theme and how the young Astillero's executed the shots. They were so unbelievably good given their young age.

I've already prepared my white string dress while Leih still has to get a new shirt. Hopefully, it all turns out good afterwards.. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

My Dream Purple Stilletos

I was completely blown away when I saw these shoes at SM. It was so elegant and lovely, you'd notice it from afar. It was of deep plum/violet color, with overlapping silk ribbons and four-inch heels.

the dream that will remain as is..

First time I saw them, I knew this was "THE" shoes.... But to my dismay, I realized I couldn't walk in it without tripping~ the heels are just too much for me and Leihson. You see, my fiance isn't a very tall man,so wearing stilletos like this would undoubtedly make me an inch taller than him, should I indulge.

He knew very well how much I loved the shoes and even nudged me to buy it, aware that I won't probably stop rambling if I let the chance pass me by.. Yet I managed to keep my self control and decided to forego buying it. I've lots of reasons actually. There is no way that I can walk in these stilletos without embarrassing myself.. And again, it will just make my partner look less taller once I'm in these pair.

In short, I didn't buy the shoes. But I haven't lost hope yet. I'm currently on the look-out for people who customize bridal shoes,. If I find one who can make me these, the better.. But if luck evades me, my two other bridal shoes on stand by would do just fine..

Oh well, that's women and their shoes....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paper works...

I've been a little busy with work lately but I still manage to tend to the small details of our wedding. Just last week, our principal sponsors confirmed, and I added a junior bridesmaid to the entourage list. I included my god-daughter Jhemalin in the flower girls' list at first, but since I'm already done with the 3 tin baskets (it's impossible to make another one), I decided to just make her a junior bridesmaid (she being the tallest among the girls).

Tomorrow, we'll be starting on the papers and hopefully by the end of the week, we're done applying for the marriage license. The Local Civil Registrar said it would take 11 days for the license to come out. And off we go to Holy Family Parish afterwards to submit the other requirements together with the license.

I can feel the excitement building up!!! 3 more months to go!!!