Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Metro Weddings Prize

Just when I thought Metro Weddings' promos are a fake, a big blessing just came ringing on my mobile. I won... I can't believe it. Today, I went to ABS-CBN with my ever-patient Leih to finally claim the Cathy Valencia Skin & Body Clinic Gift Certificates worth {P9,000.00). Yeah, I am one of the ten winners of this promo. All I ever sent was a short essay and I'm glad to say, I got chosen..

We've already planned when we'll be using these GCs. Since Alabang is just 30 minutes away from us, we may avail our freebies there.

This is a great first wedding gift, and to think it's from Metro Weddings... Leih and I are just so thrilled...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our First Bridal Fair Together....

I woke up late this morning as I wasn't expecting we'd be going out. Last night, Leih couldn't confirm to me whether we'd be attending the SMX CELEBRATIONS Bridal Fair. He knew I felt sad but then, what can I do, right? I've attended a few bridal fairs without him and I was hoping this would be our first together.

Leih woke me up with a message telling me we'd be leaving before 10. I was so happy I was smiling at the shower.. On our w
ay to the fair, I asked him what changed his mind. He simply said, he knew how badly I wanted to go and he couldn't bear to see me sad. (Awwww) I wanted to hug him right then. The bridal fair wasn't as busy as last year. There weren't too many people so we managed to sneak at all the photobooths and got to taste a few cake samples. It wasn't what we expected, but it wasn't that bad for Leih's first time.

We're looking forward to our next bridal fair. It's something that I've grown a liking for. And I sooo love the cakes. That's the best part. =)

My Entourage's Gorgeous Gown Sketches

Our appointment with Edward Teng today was truly very appeasing. I had almost all my female entourage with us, except for Pam who was unable to take a leave from her Nursing Board Review. We opted to leave early in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic, and just on time, we arrived at the Bridal Shop as scheduled. My girls took turns in having their measurements taken, and gorgeous evening gowns were designed for each of them, suiting their figures and personalities.

A few weeks ago, I was going ga-ga on who to get to make my Entourage's gowns. I was hoping we could get a less pricey dress but it seemed not even one of the designers I inquired with got our complete approval. Leih and I then decided to finally go for Edward Teng no matter the price, thinking it's all going to be worth what we paid for anyway. This is probably one of our best decisions ever as I felt so satisfied with the designs they gave me, plus the quality of chiffon and silk that they'd be using on my beautiful girls. The gowns are sure to get "ooohs" and "aaahs" on our wedding day. I sholuld know, 'coz I felt the same way this morning upon seeing our sketches.

We had a hearty lunch at Contis in Greenhills afterwards, all 8 of us including my other cousin Charles and his cousin Pepey.. Leih and I felt so relieved upon going home. We've accomplished one major task. We can now work on the next one. Yipppeeee!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Catholic Engaged Encounter

Leih and I just came home from Tahanan Village, Paranaque... Today was the last day of our Catholic Engaged Encounter Seminar. For two days, we lacked sleep as we would be up by 4am. The seminar starts at 7am so we had to allot some time for travel.

Honestly, the lack of sleep and the traveling time was very tiring for the both of us, but this I say... The CEE was well worth our 2-day sacrifice. It was an eye-opener. Indeed, there is much to marriage that most engaged couples do not realize. Most of us get so caught up with the wedding preparations, we tend to forget the very essence of the sacrament. We went home with our certificates, and an unforgettable experience with some of our engaged "classmates"....

What we learned from the past two days will be immeasurable.. I'm just glad we took the time for CEE. Now I can say, we're more than sure we want to take the next step...