Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wedding Ice Breaker: Zach Cozying Up....

I was planning to watch Harry Potter today but because the heavy rains haven't ceased, I decided to just stay at home and tend to my Multiply site as it needed a lot of updating.

I didn't notice how long I stayed in front of my laptop that I forgot to tend to my baby doggie, Zach. Whenever I'm home, I would find time to play and cuddle with him. I must have forgotten about Zach coz I got busy making blogs all day...I just realized he climbed
up to my bed and snuggled himself soundly on one of my fluffy pillows. He must have been so cozy he didn't notice I was taking pictures of him..
Here he is.... =)

Attaining That Flawless Complexion...

Since I thought we'd be having our prenups, I decided to have a facial yesterday. I felt so flattered when my dermatologist commented on my skin, she even asked me what regimen I follow to maintain good skin elasticity. Don't get me wrong, I don't have perfect skin, once in a while I worry about a zit or two especially since I have very fine skin you can almost see thru it, not to add I have skin asthma... (kita na yong mga tiny veins as in) but one thing noticeable was it improved tremendously as I rarely get breakout nowadays.. It got me thinking, could it be genes? A possibility perhaps.. But I'm thinking there's a more valid reason for the improvement... The fact that I don't wear make up contributes a lot to why my skin doesn't break out as much, I presume.. And how I keep it always clean and moisturized may count as one effective factor. Just like any other girl, I have naturally oily skin, but as what my derma says, it's far off better than having dry skin... All we need to do is keep it well-maintained and we're good..

When I started my routine a year ago, my skin has showed vast improvement. I make it a habit to religiously drink Carrot & Cucumber juice in the morning, and one full glass of freshly-squeezed Orange juice at lunch. This intake of Vitamin C not only made my skin notcieably smoother & healthier, it also helped boost my immune system. By far, I believe there's nothing better than the natural way...

Oh well, I'm starting to ramble again... Just wanted to share a few secrets to help other friends longing to have skin they could very well be proud of. To think we may hit two birds with one stone, you've got nothing to lose if you try, right?

My Postponed Tagaytay Prenup

I feel a little frustrated on how our supposed "Prenup" today got moved to August 2 because of the unpredictable weather.. Leih and I have been to different places the past weeks looking for a venue for our Prenup with Marco. And just as we were about to book Nurture Spa, sudden thoughts of Tagaytay Highlands came over me, I started imagining the cable cars, the magnificent landscapes and the sumptuous food they serve there.... Hence, Tagaytay Highlands it is!!!!

The well-known Tagaytay Highlands

Good thing I was able to get someone to endorse us though honestly, I feel we went kinda overboard with the budget considering we had to shoulder four heads including Marco and his assistant. Seems like God's will that they were able to squeeze in four more people in the reservation list. I was feeling a little stingy but then Leihson ~ my ever so galant partner, was again attentive enough to salvage my building guilt and gave me the approving look and the thumbs up as soon as we paid my endorser in full.

my five different outfits for our prenup...

Everything is all set. Leih even purchased two more long sleeved outfits and I got four new ones, mostly of color purple to suit our motif. (talk about excited). My four pairs of shoes are all packed and I even got a new lipstick and face powder since I'm not hiring a make up artist. I'm going for the natural look, good luck to me... (haha)

Now, all we have to do is wait for two more weeks and hopefully, just hopefully, this weather finally cooperates.. Two weeks seem like years to me... For now, I may just have to learn to be more patient... (if only I can buy patience... dang..)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scouting For The Perfect Prenup Site...

We've been quite busy scouting for places for our prenup session with Marco Malaca. The fact that my back-up photographer is very good at capturing landscapes, I thought it would be best to have our prenup somewhere in Tagaytay. It would beat two purposes, not only for our prenup but it would be our form of retreat from the busy work routine we all have.

I was able to capture a few shots from Nurture Spa Tagaytay, a small wellness village which promises a tranquil experience for those looking physical rejuvination...

Here are some random shots of the garden and the Ifugao huts they have amazingly maintained...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

On Supplier's Meals and Sealing Waxes...

Upon leaving Vivere Hotel, we went straight to Alabang Town Center. I for one was craving for a turkey ham sandwich, which honestly, I do not know where to buy... We ended up buying something else instead.. We found 3 sets of sealing wax colored lilac and pink, all at PowerBooks...
Another accomplished task I consider...

the sealing wax courtesy of PowerBooks..

We then proceeded to Contis Restaurant at BF Homes to have an early dinner. I was more than happy afterwards, Contis is probably one of the best comfort food I know... We also inquired about their bulk meal orders for our suppliers' meals on Dec. 5....(though we haven't decided yet as we are still looking for other prospective suppliers)

I should say today, we've accomplished a few things on our checklist... It feels much better knowing we're doing just as fine on the preps... Makes me feel that we're on top of thingS. =)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Booking Vivere Suites

Leih and I have finally decided to make our reservations for 2 bridal prep rooms at the Vivere Hotel. I just fell in love with its cozy romantic atmosphere... The rooms looked spacious enough for us and our suppliers, and they even allowed a 3-hour additional time for check out since the ceremony would start at 4:30 pm.

the regal suite bedroom

the living room of the regal suite

We're eyeing the Sky Line for additional prenup pictorials. The view here at night is just divine... I remember the first time we went here together to have dinner, it was our first anniversary... Boy, was it oh-so romantic... I would love to do it again.. =)

dining at the Vivere SkyLine