Monday, November 23, 2009

Turning Over the Kid's Flower Buckets..

Tomorrow I'll be turning over our tin buckets & little bears to the florist. Just looking at the little tin pails which I did myself a year ago makes my heart well-up in tears & pride.. It seems only yesterday that I sprayed paint on it and messed up the garage floor... It seems only yesterday that I purchased the little bears at Forever Friends... Everything seems like only a day has just passed... Indeed, time flies fast. In 11 days, I'll be getting married and I'll be using a different surname (which up to now hasn't sinked in much yet).. In 11 days, I'll be someone else's wife, and adjustments will start to surface...

But then, we all need to move up a notch in our lives, at one point, right? At least, I won't be alone anymore, having someone to always be with me, in times of happiness & problems... At least, there will be an additional member in the family... and at least, we could start building our own family in the near future..

Now, that's something to look forward to. =) 11 days.. that's all that's left in my singlehood days...

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