Monday, November 23, 2009

A Little Time For Shopping..

I got a gorgeous new pink luggage bag... I fell in love with it the instant I laid eyes on it. Man was it expensive (though I'd rather look at it as an investment). Hey, I think I deserve even just a little time to splurge on a luggage bag, don't you think? LOL I'm not sure though what to put in it as I'm not thinking of the tour just yet. Maybe a day after the wedding, then I'll start cramming.. Seems like the best idea ever. hahaha.

mine looks kinda similar to this one...

I also finished printing the reminders, table seating plans, event program and souvenir lists for my coordinating team which I personally prepared myself. It was painstaking to get our guests' names and assign seating designations for each but years of practice prepared me for this kind of job.. Now I'm much more at peace, knowing I've accomplished the most important task.

I also got a new set of contact lenses (which led me to get almost bloodshot eyes, dang). But even that couldn't dampen my spirits as I am more than thrilled because I'll be seeing my wedding gown this Thursday and I was advised that it looked much different than how it did the last time I saw it, complete with all the additional swarovsky crystals they put in, thanks to Jojo of Edward Teng's staff who was so utterly gracious enough to give in to my whining... He is just the best..

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