Friday, December 4, 2009

Checking In At Vivere Suites...

We just got home from the hotel. 'twas a very busy day for Leih and me... Good thing, my cousin Jates ((who also happens to be my veil sponsor) was with us to help with the unpacking.. The hotel room was beautifully cozy... We even had a few minutes to take some pictures while we got silly waiting for the concierge.

a warm bubblebath??? good idea...

my beautiful cousin Jates posing for Maxim. wahahaha.. just kidding..

see those boxes beside me? those are for our sponsors.. =)

Upon heading home, we dropped by the mall to get 2 items for our prizes tomorrow, and took a peek at our flowers which was being arranged by my florist Martha.. I don't have a good cam with me so these were the least that I can do... but the flowers were all soooooo amazing... I just can't stop raving about it.. And wait till I post pictures of my little girls' flowerbuckets.. they are just sooo adorable. I can't be any prouder..

my proud work of art... my flower girls' tin buckets...

A few more things to print and I'm hitting the sack.. Gotta get ready for tomorrow... =)

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